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Fresh Slices of Old Florida

Many people don't know what old Florida was like so I want to show you all that's historic, beautiful, retro, kitschy and untamed. Much of it has changed now, but you can still be a part of the adventure if you look in the right places. I love writing about Florida and submissions are always welcomed.

Enjoy your stay in the F.L.A.

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Heating up the Bookshelf

Read about Gram Parsons and how the I-4 corridor contributed to the rise of Southern rock n’ roll.

Bakers Haulover take you through little know Miami maritime history.

The Age of Barbarity: The Forgotten Fight for the Soul of Florida if you are into Civil War history and the impacts in had on the parts of the state.

Rick Kilby of Visual Ephemera and Old Florida on Facebook (no relation to this blog) also has a book coming out next year about the Fountain of Youth and hopefully I can interview him before the holidays. 

If you want stock up on Florida books visit the University Press of Florida.

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